The university will begin processing adjustments beginning Thursday, May 7, for commuter students and students who moved out of the traditional residence halls by Sunday, March 29. Student dining accounts will be updated to reflect credits for the period from March 29 to April 28, 2020.


  • How are on-campus traditional housing meal plan adjustments being calculated?
    Students who were charged for a university meal plan for the 2020 Spring Semester and are no longer residing in on-campus traditional housing as of March 29 will receive a credit to their student account based on the 2020 Spring Semester.

    The actual dollar amount of the credit will be calculated at the individual student level for the meal plan selected and/or any remaining flex points.
  • How will I receive my meal plan credit?
    The credit amount will be applied to your 2020 spring term student account. 
  • When will I receive my meal plan credit?
    The university will start posting credits by May 15.
  • How does the meal plan credit work?Meal plan credits will be posted on your Spring 2020 student account. All credits will first be applied to any outstanding balances on your account. Any remaining credits will be issued to the student as an ACH or check depending on how your account is set up with the Bursar’s office.
  • Can my meal plan credit be applied to tuition next term?
    No. Meal plan credits will be used to cover any outstanding balances for the Spring 2020 term or refunded to the student.
  • My plan contains both meal swipes and flex points. How will it be prorated?
    The meal swipe credit will be calculated at 28% of your meal plan cost minus provided flex points. The credit for the flex points will be 28% of the unused flex point balance.
  • My plan contains flex points only.  How will it be prorated?
    Plans that contain only flex points, your credit will consist of 70% of your remaining flex point balance.
  • Will students who resided in on-campus apartments receive an adjustment?
    No. Students who lived in on-campus apartments (Bettie Johnson Hall, University Pointe, Cardinal Towne and University Tower apartments) were not required to move off campus.
  • I currently have a commuter meal plan. Will I also receive an adjustment?
    Yes. The meal plan credit for commuter meal plan holders will be calculated the same as the other plans previously mentioned. 
  • Will students who were granted an exemption to remain on campus receive an adjustment?
    No. Students who continue to receive housing and dining services as a result of an approved exemption to remain in university housing will not receive an adjustment.
  • Will RAs receive an adjustment?
    No. RA compensation remains the same until the end of the semester.
  • Will graduate students receive an adjustment?
    Yes, if you voluntarily added a meal plan. The adjustment criteria will be the same as the undergrad process.
  • Will students living in Greek houses receive an adjustment?
    Yes. Greek houses residents will follow the same adjustment or refund criteria as students living in off-campus housing.
  • Will the dining adjustments affect my financial aid for next academic year?
    Dining refunds made to Title IV recipients as stated above should not affect the recipients’ eligibility for need-based financial aid programs next academic year. 
  • My adjusted credit amount will be less than $20. Will I still receive a credit?
    Student accounts that have an adjusted credit of less than $20 will not be refunded and are encouraged to use the remaining funds at one of the open dining facilities. Please visit for dining locations.
  • I am currently enrolled in an installment payment plan. Do I need to continue to make my payments to my student account?
    All credits will be applied to your student account no later than May 29.  You may make your final payment to your account after this date and not incur a late charge. Please see the Bursar home page for additional information.
  • I owe a balance and am unable to make payments during these uncertain times. Can I request financial aid counseling from university staff?
    We understand these are uncertain times and that many students and families may find it difficult to pay their student account right now.
    To receive financial aid counseling, contact your Financial Aid Counselor at
  • I have a current financial hardship and need assistance with basic needs and living expenses, who can I contact?
    Please contact the Bursar’s office at