The Ville Grill is now offering a take-out option to its patrons! Take-out will be available during regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours for the same price as a regular in-house meal during those times.
  • To enroll in the program, the participant must either be a part of the All-Access Meal Plan or can join the program for $25 (dining flex dollars accepted).
  • At the beginning of the program, participants will receive a key tag, reusable bag, and reusable water bottle. Once the student is ready to use a container, the key tag will be traded in to the Ville Grill cashier for the container.
  • To get a new container, the used one (emptied of food) must be turned in to the cashier at the door. The participant will receive either a new container or a key tag per request. The participant must always have either a key tag or container to trade in for the new one.
  • After entering the Ville Grill to use your take-out container, your ID card will be held up front until you leave. Customers who receive a take-out container may not consume any food while in the facility. If they plan to both eat a meal there and take to-go, they must use two swipes since they are consuming two meals.
  • The container is to be filled with a single, reasonable meal, and the lid of the container must shut over your food items. Participants may only take-out two meals per meal period, with at least 30 minutes between each meal.
  • The customer is also welcome to take a drink, but must provide their own container of no more than 24 oz.
  • If your container or key tag is lost, the participant must re-enroll into the program, paying the same enrollment fee and receiving new items.

For those participants with celiac disease, a disposable container may be used. You must identify yourself as needing a disposable container to the cashier at Ville Grill. After checking that you are a participant in the program, you will be given the container. You will still receive a reusable bottle and bag.


Visit the front counter or our table at The Ville Grill for more details on how to sign up.

*UofL Dining is not responsible for any food taken outside of the Dining Facility. Take-out program is only available at The Ville Grille.